Frequently Asked Questions

1. Pharmacy Questions:

Where can I use Zion RxShare?
You can use Zion RxShare at over 60,000 retail pharmacies in the US, Puerto Rico and Guam.

My Pharmacist is not familiar with Zion RxShare?
If your Pharmacist is not familiar with Zion RxShare - Show the Zion RxShare Card and ask them to process the claim just like they do with any other RX Benefit Card. If they are having trouble they can call our Pharmacist Hotline at 855-798-2538.

Will I owe any money at the Pharmacy?
You will owe the co-pay or the discounted price as shown on the website after you have logged in. This amount will be according to the contracted amount with Zion RxShare. Present your card to the pharmacy with a valid prescription. Mail order is required on maintenance medications.

How can Zion RxShare offer such deep discounts?
Zion RxShare has worked with all major Pharmacies to negotiate the best possible prices and we pass them along to our customers.

Do I need a valid Prescription?
Yes - Your local pharmacy or our Home Delivery Program will require a valid Prescription. Please bring your prescription with you to your local pharmacy or have it electronically sent to the pharmacy of your choice. When picking up the prescription, show your Zion RxShare card as form of payment.

I am experiencing a problem at the Pharmacy?
Please have the Pharmacist call the Pharmacy Helpline 855-798-2538 or call our Customer Support team at they are having trouble they can call our Pharmacist Hotline at 855-798-2538.

Does Zion RxShare Cover Brand Medications?
Yes, we do. Our first option is to try to fulfill your prescription with the low-cost generic alternatives. However, in some cases a generic is not available.

Why are Brand Medications so expensive?
Drug companies control the prices and try to recoup the investment in research and development. Thus, causing high prices. Zion RxShare strives to offer the lowest cost on Brand drugs as possible. We will also work with you to look for alternatives that could save you money. Our customer support team is available to discuss options. Please call at they are having trouble they can call our Pharmacist Hotline at 855-798-2538.

Can we buy Over the Counter (OTC) Medications through Zion RxShare?
Yes, and we most likely can save you big money. However, you will need a prescription from your doctor.

Do the prices vary by Pharmacy?
No, you will pay the same at any Pharmacy. Show your Zion RxShare card and pay the Pharmacy nothing! You have the ability to save more through Home Delivery.

I cannot find my medication in your app or on the web?
If you are having trouble, please use our live chat feature or call our Customer Support Team at they are having trouble they can call our Pharmacist Hotline at 855-798-2538.

2. Zion RxShare:

How does it work?
Click here.

How does Zion RxShare save me money?
Zion RxShare can save you money at Retail Pharmacies and even more through our Home Delivery Program. We have negotiated deep discounts with the pharmacy networks across the US and we pass the savings to our members. Our Home Delivery Program provides discounts by cutting out the middleman. We buy in large quantities and sell directly to the consumer.

Does Zion RxShare offer quality medications?
Yes, of course. All of the medications that we dispense are FDA approved and distributed under a licensed Pharmacist. You will receive the same quality product if you use Zion RxShare or not! You will just save money with Zion RxShare.

3. Home Delivery :

How does Zion RxShare Home Delivery work?
Zion RxShare is affiliated with Advanced Pharmacy, LLC. Advanced is a URAC accredited pharmacy, located in Greenville, South Carolina. Advanced is our exclusive Mail Order distributor and is Licensed in all 50 states. Advanced will dispense and deliver your medication via USPS or FedEx.

Will the Home Delivery Program obtain refill prescriptions?
Yes, fourteen days (14) before your medication is due for renewal, Advanced will attempt to obtain a new prescription from your Physician. We will call, text and or email on all of our activity.

Will it cost me extra to have my medications sent via Home Delivery?
Your medications will be sent at NO Additional Cost! We even will ship your medications that require cooler packs and special handling at NO Charge.

Will I be reminded when needing a refill?
Yes, we will contact you via phone, email and or text to confirm your next shipment 14 days in advance.

4. Billing :

How much does Zion RxShare Cost?
Zion RxShare is included in the medical program and is not available on an individual basis.

Is Zion RxShare Insurance?
No. We provide deep discounts that may be lower than your Co-Pay. We work with insurance companies to provide an alternative to the high cost of medications. Compare our cost with your deductible.

I have Insurance and or Medicare Coverage. Can I use it with Zion RxShare?
No, we do not accept those plans as payment. We are confident that on many medications we can save you money and offer the drug below your co-pay. Compare and save! If you have questions, please call they are having trouble they can call our Pharmacist Hotline at .

Do I have to Prepay for my meds?
Zion RxShare will bill your credit card at the time of purchase but if you do not fill your prescription your credit card will not be used.

How do you handle refunds?
If you choose to obtain a refund, we will process your refund via our app or website. If you need help, or your pharmacy needs assistance, please call our Pharmacist Hotline at 855-798-2538. Our Home delivery program will bill your card at the time of dispensing your medication prior to shipment. You will receive notification that your medication has been shipped and your card was billed. Once a medication is shipped no returns are accepted.

What forms of payment does Zion RxShare accept?
We accept debit and credit cards to include Visa, MasterCard, American Express.

Can I claim my Medications on my HSA or FSA account?
Yes, we will send you a receipt that you may be able to apply to your account. All plans are designed differently. Please check with your plan administrator.

5. General Questions :

How do I sign up with Zion RxShare?
Go to our Home Screen and Select Sign UP and insert your basic information.

Is there a charge to search for Medication in Zion RxShare?
No! You will not be charged until you checkout and provide payment information.

I signed up with the wrong Date of Birth or Email address?
Go to My Profile, select Edit and correct. Or call our Customer Support Hotline at they are having trouble they can call our Pharmacist Hotline at 855-798-2538 and we will help you.

I cannot remember my password?
Click on Forget Password on the login screen and follow the directions.

Can I sign up my family?
Yes you can add your spouse and children to your account.

6. I have a Member Code? What does that mean? :

What is a MemberID?
MemberID tells our system what plan you are on and what co-pays if any you may have to reflect correct costs to the member.

Where do I enter my Member Code?
On the Menu page choose Member Code and enter your code.

I forgot or don't know my code?
On the My Profile page, please click on forgot Member Code. Please enter your name and date of birth. We will provide the code via email or text. Or you can click on Membership Card to download a PDF version of your card that you can print or save.

7. Customer Support :

I need help?   I don't have a printer or smart phone?
Call our Customer Support team at 855-798-2538 and we will help you with all of your questions. We also offer a live CHAT feature. Click here to chat now.

8. Security and Privacy :

Is my personal information safe and secure?
Yes, Zion RxShare's number one priority is protecting your private information. Our systems are designed with the latest technology. All data is encrypted at rest and transferred over SSL.

Is my Credit Card Secure?
Yes, we utilize one of the top processing companies in the US and they take all precautions to protect your valuable information.

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